Night of the Thieving Drones

"Thank you for choosing the Nocturnal Interactively-Guided Halter of Thieves (N.I.G.H.T) System for your security needs.
N.I.G.H.T gives you full control over the security of your precious valuables and treasures, providing you with a drone which you can use to scout your property during the night, apprehending any thieves who dare to break in."

In Night of the Thieving Drones, you are placed in a world where organised criminal gangs are using drones to steal valuable treasures and objects fron various locations around the world.

You have been tasked with the safety of the valuables, and have developed a unique system to combat the criminals. Using the old addage of Fighting a Fire With a Fire, you have built your own drone system, N.I.G.H.T., which is equipped with state-of-the-art anti-drone technology.

However, the criminals have equipped their drones with stealth technology, making them difficult to spot. To make it even harder, you've been given the night shift, and there's no lighting available. You'll have to guide N.I.G.H.T. around various locations, seeking out enemy drones and destroying them before they can escape with the valuables you are protecting.

Keep your Anti-Drone Photon Beam aimed at an enemy to lock onto it, and charge up a shot, which will fire when it becomes strong enough to destroy the enemy in your sights. Keep an eye on the colour of your beam while you're searching: A blue beam means that nothing has been detected, a red beam means you have found a drone.

Look out for the enemy drones, there are a number of different types with different abilities.

Happy Hunting.

Coming Spring 2020, for iOS and Android!

Please feel free to try out our demo, and let us know what you think via the feedback form. The link is below